Ah, the power of naps — they’re not just for babies and toddlers…or at least, they shouldn’t be. You may have heard of the power nap and how even Einstein took them. Don’t simply look at them as an excuse to not work; a well-timed nap can actually bring back energy and help you get… Read more »

We talk often about our medical and mental health and the importance of both, but how often do you consider your financial health? If we really think about it, the latter can certainly have an effect on the former two. So what can you do to keep yourself in the pink, financially…and out of the… Read more »

As a job seeker, you should consider time management as one of the most important techniques to help you find a job (and keep it) effectively. Fortunately for those who don’t have the gift of innate time management, various tools exist that can help. Don’t ignore the basics. You can have all the latest apps… Read more »

At most corporate offices, the emails run fast and furious. Partly because they’ve replaced the phone call or the knock on the office door with them and partly because many businesses work with other companies, clients, and vendors around the country and around the globe, and it’s the most effective way to communicate with everyone…. Read more »

Let’s face it: Many of us have excellent intentions, but poor follow-through. We have aspirations and goals that we want to achieve … but something gets in the way (or we make excuses): We get busy at work, something crops up at home, or we just plain forget. Then we get frustrated, and the whole… Read more »

Between the warm, sunny days of summer and the colder, sometimes gray days of winter, fall stands out as a beautiful season that has a lot to offer in terms of family fun. The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. Try some of these suggestions to make the… Read more »

When walking into an interview, you want to feel calm, cool, and collected…so how do you manage that when you really feel nervous, shaky, and worried about saying the wrong thing? There are a few tricks you can use to keep your nerves from getting the best of you. Practice, practice, practice. You may have… Read more »

We have so many things going on in our lives today, that multi-tasking reigns as king. If you’re not doing three things at once, you’re not doing enough. Our attention is constantly taken away from a task by a ping on the phone alerting us to that all-too-important email, text, or app update. There are… Read more »

In recent years there has been some backlash against vaccination that has arisen, leading many parents to question whether they’re actually safe for children. They worry about the potential cause of disorders such as autism or even death in some very rare cases. The bottom line is, while vaccines do have pros and cons (as… Read more »

[fusion_text] Have you ever met a person that changed the entire tenor of the room, or is just someone you find yourself wanting to be around? It’s likely the upbeat personality that makes you feel as though they are hardworking, positive, and a pleasure to be around. The same goes for a great hire: Even… Read more »