If you find that by the time you finish reading this paragraph your attention has been pulled away at least once, you probably get distracted fairly easily. It’s difficult not to be, with ceaseless phones pinging updates, nonstop inbound emails, and constant general ambient noise coming at you from all sides. So if you… Read more »

Not all of us possess the sheer willpower needed to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves — sometimes we get distracted, discouraged, or derailed. Or we have great intentions but can’t seem to muster the mental energy to follow-through. One point we tend to forget is that while nobody else can attain our… Read more »

When a position becomes vacant, and before you decide to fill it by adding to the workloads of current employees, it is worthwhile to consider the literal and figurative costs of leaving the position open. The results may surprise you…and hopefully arm you with awareness to avoid paying the price in the future. The basic… Read more »

It’s March… Do you remember what you resolved to get done in 2016? Have you made a list and stuck to it? (Do you know where the list is?) The fact remains that most people break from New Year’s resolutions in about six weeks. Rather than looking back come December and thinking with a sigh,… Read more »

Considering the sheer number of people vying for most job positions, you need to do what you can to stand out, to be that bright flower in the vast green field of applicants. Yes, you may have similar backgrounds and qualifications for a position, but if you think about it, you have something that makes… Read more »

The first Friday in March marks an important day on the calendar: Employee Appreciation Day. And while you show your employees how much you appreciate them on other days of the year as well, it always feels good to have someone acknowledge it (just as you feel when Boss Appreciation Day comes around). Read on… Read more »

When it comes to hiring, do you take a tortoise or a hare perspective? In other words, do you try to fill a spot quickly to avoid having that gap in a department, or do you take your time to find the absolute best person? Those who tend toward one extreme or the other can… Read more »

Let’s face it: We live in an age where Twitter has 304 million monthly active users, the third Transformer movie had 293 explosions, and many of us, if we’re honest, rely on our Smartphone as an adult version of a favorite security blanket. It’s not a stretch to say that our ability to focus has… Read more »

It’s February, and your New Year’s resolutions may have begun to wane a bit — most resolutions last about six weeks after they’re made. So if you want to either make the most of that gym membership or simply move around more to stay healthy, look at some of these suggestions. And consider this: Saying… Read more »

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, it’s sometimes difficult to stay motivated, especially if the jobs you want haven’t come your way or if you’ve had interviews but didn’t quite make that final cut. However, you can (and should!) re-energize yourself so you get the most out of your search. Review… Read more »