While we’d all like everyone to get along in the workplace, the reality usually involves a few conflicting personalities along the way. And every once in a while, those personalities truly clash, throwing a wrench into the general flow of the office, resulting in stilted productivity and the occasional serious conflict. So how do you,… Read more »

Once you reach a certain age and get set in your ways, can you really pick up a new skill or interest? Isn’t that pretty much a kid’s game? Not so, many would respond. That list includes designer Vera Wang, who began her next career around age 40. Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at… Read more »

Now that the weather has warmed up and plants have begun to grow, it’s the perfect time to celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month and remind ourselves why a healthy diet has multiple benefits. Eating well and including fresh fruits and vegetables may seem expensive, but you can make it fit your budget…and eating… Read more »

If you feel as though the job search has become a constant slog, you may want to change your methods. Rather than putting in hours each day poring over the classifieds, either online or in print, some different methods may help you search more effectively and make better use of your time. Use a recruiter…. Read more »

When you buy something online, how do you decide what to choose? Do you go by price only? Or, like most of us, do you also look at what other purchasers think of the product? If an item on Amazon, for example, gets a number of negative one-star reviews, you’ll probably read the reviews to… Read more »

In January we posted about ways to unplug from the constant bombardment of our increasingly digital world. Now it’s May…. Have you managed to take any of the suggestions? If reading the how didn’t get you putting the electronic assault aside, read on to find out why doing so has such importance for health and… Read more »

Leadership is a skill that employers want but don’t find as often as they’d like. Candidates may have backgrounds filled with duties and accomplishments, but when it comes to managing or putting a team together, employers want candidates who have the capability to take charge of projects, other employees, departments, etc. If it is your… Read more »

Friday, May 6, marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, so let’s take the time to focus on the numerous contributions of nurses and related healthcare professionals. Make time to thank them for all that they do. So many nurses go about their jobs all but unnoticed. These healthcare professionals don’t do their jobs to… Read more »

Ask any coach what makes a team successful, and they’ll likely talk about a team that works as one, integrating everyone’s strengths and communicating well so that the team members function as a unit with an equal amount of give and take from all involved. The same goes for any team in an office…but too… Read more »

We all complain about feeling stressed. We work too hard, have busy lives, worry about making ends meet, never take vacations, etc. Stress has become its own industry, spawning self-help books and videos, supplements, massage chairs/wands/professionals/classes, vacation packages, and the like. Many of these are legitimate, potentially helpful solutions. But there’s a reason we need… Read more »